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Princess Zelda: Hy-Rulerz (LORDE ‘Royals’ Remix)

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by on October 10, 2013

Oh, the feels! The love is strong today on the Nerdist Channel with this heartwarming Zelda/Lorde parody mash-up from Bryan Basham.

Princess Zelda is declaring her true feelings by serenading the clay pot-decimating boy who never speaks that we all know and love, Link. The song, sang by the lovely voice of Almie Rose, is chock full of clever Zelda references ranging as far back as the 8-bit games on the original NES. Anyone who desires to take a trip down memory lane, loves catchy video game parodies, or just wants to be a part of the romantic tension between Link and “Z”, open your ears to what lies beneath these words!

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