Here’s the Long-Awaited KINGDOM HEARTS III Gameplay Trailer

It feels like an entire generation has gone by with us waiting for Kingdom Hearts III. Oh, wait, it has been an entire generation, hasn’t it? Yet for some reason, with the release of the new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay trailer, those last seven years now feel as if they never happened. Bold statement, yes, but I’m sure the lofty excitement levels being shared across the Kingdom Hearts fanbase will far exceed those of the frustration they had waiting for the game to actually exist.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.22.57 AM (2)Sora is back and doesn’t appear to have aged a day since the last time we saw him. He’s also packing heat, among other new abilities being showcased in the gameplay trailer below. The bit leaves a lot to be desired, but is a very refreshing taste of what to expect from the next-gen Kingdom Hearts outing. Still no release date or hint of a release window, if that’s what you we’re waiting to see. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 however, will be available in 2014, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is available on the PS3 right now. No more talking (er… typing), let’s get to the main event.

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