FX Takes ARCHER to the Danger Zone in New Teaser

This video doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s got every major Archer character making an appearance in roles originated by the cast of Tony Scott’s 1986 Top Gun, and the Kenny Loggins song (written for the movie) Danger Zone, a term which was first appropriated by Sterling Archer in an early episode of the show and then used multiple times after.

How’s THAT to start the day?

In case you forgot, Archer is the best animated show on television. It’s hilariously written, voice acted and animated. The above clip shows off just how fine-tuned the animators for this series are, as they delivered an astonishingly loyal parody of the Tom Cruise Navy/amateur beach volleyball flick Top Gun. Even if you’ve never watched the movie, the video was entertaining, quickly telling an abbreviated version of the film’s events. Plus, lest we forget what the titular character is really like, we’re reminded by the end.

All this to remind you that Archer returns (as if we haven’t been anticipating this all summer!) in January on FX…

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