COMMUNITY Set To Return January 2nd

communitycastJanuary 2nd. It’s back. HE’S back. Community finally has a premiere date for Dan Harmon’s triumphant return season, as NBC has cancelled the freshman sitcom Welcome to the Family and scheduled the Greendale contingent to move back into the Thursday lineup. Okay, it’s no October 19th, but it’ll do.

That’s the good news. The tough part is that it’ll also be returning to 8/7c, the Death Slot up against The Big Bang Theory on CBS. The collateral okay news is that by moving in, it’ll rescue Parks and Recreation, which will move to 8:30/7:30c, from the same fate, plus Community and Parks at least appeal to similar audiences, as opposed to the way it is now, with Parks followed by a lineup of more traditional setup-punchline yockfests.

And we get more Community. You’re curious how it’ll be with Dan Harmon back at the helm, right? And how it’ll fare with Donald Glover departing? Talk about it in the comments below….

(Say, have you listened to the recent return of Alison Brie to the Nerdist Podcast? Do so now.)

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