Bad Lip Reading Turns GAME OF THRONES Into Medieval Land Fun-Time World

Bad Lip Reading has managed to elevate everything from the NFL to the presidential debates to Twilight from normal nonsense to hilarious nonsense and now they’ve set their sights northward towards the Wall and Game of Thrones. The result is an extended theatrical trailer for a dramedy in the vein of Adventureland with a Ren-faire twist, aptly titled Medieval Land Fun-Time World. Starring Eddie (Ned Stark) as the beleaguered theme park owner, Terry (Tyrion) as the jive-talkin’, drug dealin’ lowlife, Jaime Lannister as the unforgettable Johnny Whisper, and much more, this incredible avalanche of mistranslated awesomeness makes the five-month BLR content drought worth the wait.

And here are the outtakes for good measure.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, winter can’t come soon enough. What was your favorite bit? Let us know in the comments below!

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