Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Awesome Reddit Catchphrase Thread

Hats off to the former Governor of California, or to whoever is behind the scenes on his PR team, for a stunning and wonderful display of fan-affection on Reddit today. The Terminator himself, who has frequented Reddit a lot lately to promote his new film Escape Plan, this week did an AMA, and has been popping up all over the site (username: GovSchwarzenegger; click that link and browse through his comments. He’s stopped by r/fitness, r/funny, and a few others).  Today, he started his own thread in the movies subreddit, requesting fans submit their favorite catchphrases from his films, which he would then record himself saying from his trailer on the set of a new film and post to YouTube.

He did this for a few hours between takes. In total there are seven requests. That said, you should read the entire thread here, because his replies are fantastic — this guy knows how to engage his fanbase and win back anyone he lost as the Gov.

He got things started by posting his favorite line from the new movie:

And then…

“Get to the choppa”

“Not a tumor”

“Room for my fist”

“Crush your enemies” (To which Arnold replied, “Probably one of my favorites”)

“Put the cookie down”

“Who is your daddy”


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