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The Indoor Kids: Movies, Games, and Tuna Lap: An Episode with Jordan Morris

Today we are joined by our favorite regular guest, Jordan Morris, to discuss all the latest gaming news, movies we’ve seen, books we’ve read, and Kumail’s connection to Tay Zonday.


Puppeteer, Bastion, Saints Row 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo, Dead Island, Child of Light, Far Cry 3, PS Vita TV, The Last of us, Titanfall, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Altered Beast, Vector Man, Bioshock, Cool Boarders, Gears of War, Animal crossing, Rayman Origins


Captain America Winter Soldier, The Avengers, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chucky, The Worlds End, The Coreneto trilogy, You’re Next, The Purge, The Strangers, Drinking Buddies, Cabin in the Woods, Escape from Tomorrow, Momento, Batman and Superman, Batman and Robin, New Harry Potter Movie, The Harry Potter series, Something About Mary, Men at Work. They Live, Horns, The Woman in Black, Thor 2, War Horse, Hell Baby, Bad Milo, Evil Dead, Funny Games


Children’s Hospital, Access Hollywood, Saved By the Bell, The View, The Talk, NCIS LA, King of the Hill, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Doctor Who


Manhattan Project
East of West


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Invention of Murder, If You Lived Here You’d Be Perfect By Now, Sweet Valley High, Wicked Bugs, Fun Fearless Porn Gynomite


Sisters of Mercy
Tay Zonday

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