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TALKING BAD Sunday: The End, with Vince Gilligan and Cast Members

by on September 29, 2013

VinceGilliganTalkingBadSo, it comes down to this. The last Breaking Bad airs tonight (Sunday, September 29th) on AMC, and when it’s over, Vince Gilligan and some members of the cast, plus Jimmy Kimmel, will be joining Chris Hardwick live at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for what should prove to be a cathartic edition of Talking Bad, AMC’s aftershow. You’re amctalkingbadlogogoing to want to hash it all out and rehash it and kick it around some more, and who better to do that with than the guy who created Walter White and his world?

And they’ll answer some of your questions, too. Ask what you want by posting questions at AMC’s Talking Bad page. And then… oh, I don’t have to even tell you to watch Breaking Bad at 9/8c and Talking Bad at 10:15/9:15c, because you will.

Don’t fret too much, though. It’s only a matter of time before Chris and Talking Dead are back to analyze one of your OTHER favorite AMC shows…