Simon Pegg Pranks the Cast of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

Pegg PrankIt’s a well-known fact that it’s not safe to Star Trek into anywhere with a professional comedian, lest you subject yourself to hilarious pranking. On the set of Star Trek Into Darkness, the last day of shooting, to be specific, Simon Pegg convinced his cast mates that they needed to wear a special face lotion, which he dubbed “Neutron Cream,” in the laser room (which they have!) to protect themselves from neutrons. Now, any scientist will tell you that neutrons are only harmful in bomb form, but some actors will believe anything.

The prank starts small and begins to escalate, especially when it gets to the point of signing confidential documents or doing promotional advertisements pertaining to a fake and nonsensical product. Oh, that Pegg; he’s a real trickster.

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