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ROBOCOP Returns with a Teaser Trailer

by on September 5, 2013

Alex Murphy is dead. Long live the new Alex Murphy. Joel Kinnaman is stepping into the silver suit… er black cyborg body of the future of law enforcement. Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton rebuild Detroit cop, husband, and father Alex Murphy into the cop of the future as the leaders of OCP. Abbie Cornish will be adding an element not seen as much in the original film, playing Alex’s dedicated wife, who wants to see her husband, not a machine.

robocop_new_ed_209_0If fans are open to it, Robocop looks like it could be the same kind of fun conversation starter the original film was in 1987. That film highlighted over-the-top violence as an opportunity to discuss topics as varied as the disparity between the rich and poor in a dying city to the oversaturation of media in our daily lives. (“I’d buy that for a dollar!”) The new release could easily open up conversations like what drone warfare in an urban environment means to ordinary citizens. Could corporate authority lead to an America controlled by privateers and mercenaries? And lastly, what really did happen when Robocop, a Cylon and KIT walked into a bar?

While we’re always prone to be distrustful of a remake of a beloved property, based on this trailer, we’ll be front and center when the new Robocop reaches theaters in February 2014.