One Fish, Two Fish, Undead Fish, Blue Fish: THE SEUSSING DEAD


Let’s face it – October 13th has never been closer than it is today, but that’s still not close enough for those of us who are craving the sweet, human flesh-flavored taste of brand new episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sure, we’ve seen Michonne nearly get eaten alive in a season 4 teaser clip, but it’s been so long since we last saw the fine folks of Woodbury and the Prison that it’s hard to remember exactly what happened. Fortunately, the folks over at Cinefix have just the recap video you’ve been looking for – whether you realized it or not – and gave it a shiny coat of Theodore Geisel-ian paint to create The Seussing Dead. The results are alternately adorable and horrific, which is actually a pretty terrific combo.

Oh, Ricktickles… what manner of stuff and things will you get up to in season 4? What other Dr. Seuss/TV mashups would you like to see? Personally, I think Horton Hears an Abu Hoo-zir is just the ticket that Homeland needs. Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter using #SeussTV.

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