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Cosplay Friday #46


by on September 20, 2013


I usually open this column off with a witty (I hope so) introduction about the world of cosplay.

Other times… it’s all about shiny colorful things.

To that effect, I’ve diligently searched the darkest reaches of the internet for this weeks sexiest, scariest and “shiniest” cosplay photos the world has to offer, in a feature lovingly titled Cosplay Friday.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and if it’s got a cape in it, you can bump that up to two thousand.

red_queen_by_vavalika-d6m0zgiThe Red Queen decries “Off with her head! Or whatever. I don’t care”.

bioshock_2__rapture_by_malindachan-d6mv6ebThese BioShock cosplayers went above and beyond, and actually found the city of Rapture! This can only end well, as judging by the giant shark whale monster swimming overhead.

jackpot_by_vera_baby-d6lzia7Something about tigers and jackpots and… *sigh*. Hi, MJ.

little_ninja_iii_by_lanmeimeia-d6m8mr9Naruto, you’re drunk, go home. You may just be sleepy. Either way, go home, dude.

look_who_s_back____by_evil_uke_sora-d6iu2qoHave you seen Sora’s rock collection yet? He’s pretty proud of it, to say the least.

up_and_away_by_alisakiss-d6mhvjlIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Supergirl’s deceptively large looking belly button!

sailorDon’t mess with Sailors! (courtesy of Sailor Mars, Ruby Rockets)

romantically_apocalyptic_cosplay_by_xmenoux-d6mfsqoMy new favorite couple.  

skyrim__my_name_is_nenais_u_by_guiltyone-d6mjtrgThe Insidious monster really does look scarier in the sequel. (Thanks for the pic, Skyrimmer!)

shingeki_no_kyojin__attack_by_green_makakas-d6mwl2nYour weekly Attack on Titan fix, because… Attack on Titan.


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