BatDad is the Best Dad Of All Time

For those of you glued to the six-second masterpieces that make up Vine, you’re probably going to want to start following BatDad. Who is BadDad? He’s the alter ego of Blake Wilson, a husband and father of three adorable blonde kids who takes to teaching lessons wearing a plastic Batman mask and talking like Christian Bale, post-bottle brush. He clearly irritates his wife with his constant shouting, and has startled his children awake a few times, but he’s still maybe the most delightful father of all time. At least, delightful in tiny digestible morsels.

Below is a compilation of all of BatDad‘s greatest hits. Easily my favorite is “Where is she?!!?,” simply because of his son’s response. He truly cannot be bothered.

HT: New York Daily News.

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