This Week on “Talking Bad”: Vince Gilligan and Julie Bowen

talkingbad01GRIDI don’t have to remind you that the first installment of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad airs tonight — Sunday, August 11th — at 9/8c on AMC in North America. But I do want to remind you that at 11/10c, after the debut of AMC’s new series Low Winter Sun, our own Chris Hardwick will be hosting the first installment of the new Breaking Bad aftershow, Talking Bad. On the first episode, Breaking Bad creator/Executive Producer Vince Gilligan and Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen will discuss the evening’s proceedings and take your questions live. If you heard Vince on the Nerdist Podcast this week, you know he’s exactly what you want him to be about the show — enthusiastic, honest, and willing to answer anything. (And go listen to that podcast, while we’re thinking about it. Good stuff.)

Wanna ask something? Click here for the show’s open comment thread or here for Chris’ Reddit thread about the show — they’ll be taking audience questions from there. But whether you want to ask anything or just hear a good conversation about the kickoff to the final days of one of TV’s most compelling series, you should be there, 11/10c on AMC. Judging by the reactions of the privileged folks who have seen the Breaking Bad episode in advance, and the teaser shown at Comic-Con, I think we’re in for something intense.

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  • Looking forward to it! I think the idea of having an after show is great- especially for a show like this. Sometimes, it feels like nerds are the only people who’ll talk about a show for an hour- or, you know- eternity. But having the after show is a great way to encourage the not so nerdy fans to talk about the show, and get excited. Or at the very least, it’ll provide an opportunity for them to watch others discuss the show and get excited. Which can be very fun.
    Best of luck to everybody involved. If there’s any way I can watch it here in Australia, I’ll find it and watch it.

  • I am SO happy that this will be airing in Australia (SBS 2 11:20 pm-ish for all you people at home). D: I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’ll be optimistic. Yay, Ricin and Tense scenes revolving around death and lies! WEEEEEeeeee!

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    Wooo hooo! AWESOMETASTIC job on the first episode of Talking Bad…the time flew by and y’all covered alot of fun stuff. I agree with @kirstoffer that it’d be nice to have a longer show…buuut i suppose thats a comon request amongst fans…we want more!

    Peace .n. treading lightly


  • Total agreement with @Kristoffer on the show length. The hour long Talking Dead gives you so much more room to breathe over the half-hour format. We’re spoiled by the podcast. Great start to the end of the show. Keep up the good work, Chris!

  • >Something I’d really like to know is what the show would be like if it were told from Jesse’s point of view?

    Well, you wouldn’t like it. Jesse is simple. He is cute though.

  • Is it just me or was Julie Bowen half in the bag?? They spent too much time letting her babble on and saying nothing important. I’d rather listen to the great Vince Gilligan.