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This Week on Talking Bad: Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn

by on August 18, 2013


Did you catch last week’s Breaking Bad and Talking Bad season premieres with podcast guest Vince Gilligan? Well, the Walter White train is continuing its journey to its final destination because as we all learned last season, nothing stops Mr. White’s meth train. This week on Talking Bad, Chris Hardwick will be joined by the man who makes the word bitch a sweet-nothing, Aaron Paul. Also joining the Bitch Wonder of this dynamic duo is Skylar White herself, Anna Gunn. Breaking Bad airs at 9pm Sunday on AMC with Talking Bad airing at 11pm.

Do you have a question you hope to have answered by Aaron or Anna? Go to the show’s open comment thread or Chris Hardwick’s Reddit thread to submit your question for the show’s stars. And hopefully when Aaron Paul answers your question, he’ll call you a bitch like you’ve always dreamed.