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Get Excited, Then Depressed By The “Homeland” Season 3 Trailer


by on August 9, 2013

Unlike the freewheeling Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad fame, Saul Berenson leads a slightly more stressful life. One has to deal with the mercurial meth dealer Walter White, the other has to deal with bipolar field agent Carrie Mathison, her terrorist tryst Nicholas “Brody” Brody and, of course, the repercussions of last season’s explosive finale. It’s a stressful life to lead, so it’s no wonder that it’s making poor Mandy Patinkin go gray. Many were curious as to how Homeland, which returns for a third season to Showtime on September 29th at 9PM ET/PT, would follow up its considerably amped up second season full of Chris Brody being asked to leave the room, and thanks to today’s trailer, they have an answer:

In the wake of last season’s terrorist attack, Carrie and Saul are in the midst of a Senate investigation that causes more crying, sighing, and sidelong glances than a Jane Austen novel. Brody initiates Ghost Protocol and goes to what we can only assume is a free clinic for terrorists. The Brody family continues their streak of being unable to have a quiet family dinner while Dana hops on the bandwagon of taking selfies and converting to Islam. And just in case you were thinking this was going to be a rollicking good time, the cripplingly melancholy tones of The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build A Home” dash those hopes against the rocks of reality. If this were Breaking Bad, that would have been a great place to say “Jesus Christ, Marie, they’re minerals,” but alas, there’s no such luck.

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