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“Doctor Who” Announcement: And the New Doctor Is…. Peter Capaldi!

by on August 4, 2013


All the waiting, speculating, and incessant rumor-controlling has finally come to an end. The identity of the Twelfth Doctor was revealed today as part of an hour-long live special hosted by Zoe Ball simulcast on BBC One, BBC America, and Space in Canada, and ABC in Australia. And, with the odd-makers laying down bets up to the minute, the special revealed the Twelfth Doctor to be Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi is maybe best known as the foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on the hit BBC comedy The Thick of It, but he’s no stranger to the Doctor Who world. He was a guest star on the episode “The Fires of Pompei,” and also he played a major supporting character in the Torchwood miniseries Children of Earth.” And, of course, as many folks have figured out by now, his role in World War Z was as “WHO Doctor.” Prescient!

ADDENDUM – You can see Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and the spinoff movie In the Loop on Hulu. Please, beware of the incredibly bad language. Not for young children.

I’m so very excited for this new, older, likely sterner and more authoritarian take on the Doctor. Or maybe he won’t be. All Steven Moffat said in his taped bit was that he’s “different than Matt.” I’m stoked. Good choice. As sad as I will be to see Mr. Smith leave, I believe the role will be in the most excellent of hands. What do you think of this choice? Are you pleased, displeased, non-pleased? Let us know below!