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Art Snob: Mondo’s Ducktales

by on August 27, 2013


What can I say about the following posters other than, I want them all and kind of feel bad for posting about them, as it will lessen my chance at actually scoring one. Alas, I am cursed to be a nice guy.

Mondo. Ducktales. Double Sigh.

duck 1

Ducktales by JJ Harrison, 24 x 36, edition of 240, $50


Scrooge by DKNG, 18 X 24, edition of 190, $40


Scrooge by DKNG, variant edition, 18 X 24, edition of 100, $65


Nephews by Anne Benjamin, 18 X 24, edition of 160, $45


Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative, 18 X 24, edition of 140, $5


Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative, Variant edition, 18 X 24, edition of 75, $65

These beauties will be released on August 28th, at a random time during the day, via the @MondoNews Twitter account… you know the deal by now.


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