Pop My Culture #120: Timm Sharp

Timm Sharp (Enlightened, Undeclared) chats with Cole and Vanessa about Mos Def, Justin Bieber’s mop bucket piss, robots vs. tax forms, Project Runway billboards, Andrew Garfield’s gay Spider-Man, bean punishments, psychic mediums, Darren Brown, Judd Apatow, Mike White, food houses, Fox, Jedi Nights, and oh so many different shark combinations.


Leave your answer to the Firsts question (whether you are spiritual or not, the first moment you can recall when you felt some sort of divine intervention or a higher power at work) on our website for a chance to win an Undeclared complete series DVD signed by Timm and former guest Carla Gallo!

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  • It was a great episode, especially since I got a wonderful shout out from Cole and Vanessa! Timm Sharp is very funny, I need to catch up on things he has done over the years. Thanks again Vanessa and Cole for a great episode. Oh, and I really love those mice. :)

  • Vanessa sounds like she is trying to do a ‘Roaring 20s’ accent really frequently. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m not sure how else to describe it.

  • A very fun episode, and you’ve given me some great shows to go check out.
    One note on Derren Brown (not Darren, for those who might google him, because he is amazing), it’s funny (perhaps ironic) that Timm refers to Derren Brown immediately after his anecdote about being so impressed by a psychic medium. Along with being an amazing mentalist, Derren Brown (like many illusionists and magicians) is an unabashed skeptic about anyone who makes actual supernatural claims. Watch “Derren Brown Investigates”, and you’ll see that in one of the first episodes, Derren specifically debunks a psychic medium who relays messages from the dead, and outlines the “cold reading” method that they use to accomplish this.