Matt Smith to Guest on Nerdist Podcast Live in San Diego 7/20

mattsmithnerdistpodcast2013preThe guest for the Nerdist Podcast Live in San Diego on Saturday, July 20th, 9:30 pm, Balboa Theatre, during Comic-Con?

Matt Smith.

Yup. And if you were at last year’s San Diego show, you know how much fun it is. Matt won’t be bouncing off the walls like John Barrowman… or WILL he? The only way to know is to go. And the way to go is to click here and buy tickets NOW, because there aren’t many left. Seriously, they’re almost sold out, so grab ‘em now while you still can. (And if you’re not ticketed for Comic-Con but want to see this show, you can – it’s a separate event.)

The Doctor, one more time before regeneration, back with Chris, Matt, and Jonah… yeah, one for the highlight reel. DO NOT MISS IT.

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