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Doctor Who-Themed Engagement Photos

by on July 3, 2013

Who Engage featured

This is just a big pile of coolness. A photographer named Davey Morgan in Greenville, South Carolina, did a series of engagement photos for the adorable couple Laurie and Justin in the style of Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor and Rose to be precise. The costuming is terrific, but what’s most impressive is the full-size replica TARDIS they’re posing alongside, and of the TARDIS flying through the bright SC skyline. These are definitely some cool people.

Here’s just a sample of the magic.

Who Engage 2

Who Engage 3

Who Engage 1

Who Engage 4

Who Engage 5

Who Engage 6

To see the rest of Davey Morgan’s session with Laurie and Justin, check out his website. Well done, everybody! Congratulations to the Time Lord and Bride to be.