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The Indoor Kids: Nebulous Weiners with Blair Butler

Chronicles of Mistara, Far Cry 3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, State of Decay, The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 4, Infamous: Second Son, Hitman, GTA, Revenge of Shinobi, Ghostbusters, Punisher, Mass Effect, XCOM

There’s a lot of talk about video games and movies in this episode, and we want you to be aware of some things you may consider spoilers within that discussion. Be warned:


(21:00) – Teeny tiny Tomb Raider spoiler
(31:15) – A regular sized Tomb Raider spoiler
(33:50 – 48:15) – We talk about Man of Steel at length


Portlandia, Roseanne


Clue, Man of Steel, Superman 2, The Fast and the Furious 6


Superman, Action Comics: What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way?, Heart


Blair’s MSN series Nerdcore


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