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Sex Nerd Sandra: Puzzle in Your Pants

TRANS SEX 101! Guests JT and Kaydence let Sandra ask inappropriate questions so you don’t have to! TOPICS: Pronouns, Weird Daily Moments, Danger in Transition, Bottom Surgery, Trans Terms, M-to-Femme, Outside the Box, Dating, Continuum Pendulum, Visibility, Hormones, Libido Changes, Passing, Origin Stories, Gender Dyslexia, The Evolving Party in Your Pants, Soft Cock Ejaculation, Nipple Bulbs, Restroom Catch 22, The Trevor Project, and ALL THE AWKWARD SEX LIFE QUESTIONS EVERYONE IS AFRAID TO ASK!

Kaydence is a Los Angeles based artist and lover of life with an adorable Twitter avatar. JT would prefer to maintain his mystery man status. Thank you to them both.

Hang out with Sex Nerd Sandra on Twitter and Facebook. It will be the fun times.