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Sex Nerd Sandra: OkCupid Casanova

ONLINE DATING FOR WEIRDOS! (and everyone else) Outlier Jason Porath breaks down his secrets to online dating success. TOPICS: “Rantallion,” Gender Divide, What You Want, Dynamic Profiles, LOL Failings, Personal Branding, Knowing Themselves, Saving Everyone’s Time, Dating Site Choices, Game of Thrones, OkC Science, Finding Your Hook, Breadth & Depth, Getting Specific, Answering Profile Questions, Red Flag Answers, Message Box Dissection, Brevity, Common Mistakes, and MAJOR NERD ALERTS!


Jason Porath is a comic and computer graphics artist. He writes, draws, blogs, and goes on a lot of adventures with our intrepid hostess Sandra. He’s a pretty rad dude. He can be found on the web at, or on Twitter at @jasonporath.


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