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Sex Nerd Sandra: Girl-on-Girl on Girl-on-Girl

LESBIANS ARE PEOPLE, TOO! Comedian dynamo Cameron Esposito shares the mating call of the asymmetrical haircut. TOPICS: Hand Genitals, What Sex Looks Like, Lesbian Sex Myths, Porn, Fingernails, Bi/Gay Comparisons, Turn-on Tips, Humping, Flirting, Awkward Friendships, Society, The Great Scissor Debate, Sexy Parties, Legos, Baby Dykes, Lesbian Bed Death, & Emotional Gang Bangs!

Standup comic Cameron Esposito has been featured at TBS’ Just For Laughs Chicago, SXSW & on NPR. Known for her “effervescent storytelling” (AV Club), Cameron came up in Chicago & moved to LA in 2012. She was named one of LA Weekly’s Comics to Watch in 2013 & is the host/creator of aspecialthing records’ Put Your Hands Together standup podcast &‘s WHAM BAM POW action movies podcast. PYHT currently runs every Tuesday at 8 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA.

Follow Cameron at @cameronesposito

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Put Your Hands Together’s Wham Bam Pow podcast


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