“Man at Arms” Makes A DIY “Thundercats” Sword of Omens

Each week, Tony Swatton – Man at Arms- takes you on a visual tour through the process of crafting some of geekdom’s most beloved weaponry, and then turns said weapons loose into the world, with bad-ass and slightly irresponsible consequences.

On this edition, Tony takes a stab (boom! Pun time!) at The Sword of Omens from your favorite childhood animated television series starring anthropomorphic warrior lions, Thundercats. Marvel as Tony uses tools and machines that I would be afraid to look at, let alone use in the crafting of a pretty fantastic sword, and then check out Thundercats‘ own Matthew Mercer as he wields the Sword of Omens like only a voice-actor in a really cool leather jacket can!

Check out the rest of Tony’s videos at his YouTube channel.

man at arms

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