“Jobs” Trailer: Ashton Kutcher Thinks Different

Well, here it is, the first formal full trailer for Ashton Kutcher in the Steve Jobs biopic Jobs. It’s… um… well… the trailer has all the cliches of the standard biopic — underdog fighting the establishment, moments of humor, conflict, evil corporate villain types. Plus, typeface. But not having seen the actual movie, I’ll leave it at that. (Although I might be more interested if they called it Kelso Changes the World.)

Are you buying or not? The movie is now set for an August 16th release, if you’re buying.

HT: Variety

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  • I think it looks good but with movies like this I just separate the reality of it away from whats being presented on screen. Take superhero movies for example, those movies don’t show what happened exactly in the comics or they rework story lines but if think you about the film as an original story, not based off anything, it’s easier to judge if a film was good or not.