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EXCLUSIVE: Preview DC’s “Green Arrow” #21


by on June 3, 2013

From his stellar work on Animal Man to the poignant final issue of Sweet Tooth, to original graphic novels like The Underwater Welder, Jeff Lemire is fast becoming one of my favorite writers in the industry, and his current run on Green Arrow, anchored by breathtaking artwork from Andrea Sorrentino, is no exception. After barely escaping with his life after an encounter with Komodo and the Outsiders, Green Arrow must return to his one-time island prison to learn some hard truths about his father. The issue comes to your local comic book store this Wednesday, June 5th, but take a sneak peek at exclusive pages from Green Arrow #21, in which Ollie is about to take a drugged out spirit journey a la Homer Simpson in “El Misterioso Viaje de Nuestro Jomer.”


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