E Pluribus Anus: Dan Harmon Returns to “Community”

If you needed further proof that our universe is not the darkest timeline, then look no further than today’s confirmation that Community creator Dan Harmon, mayor of Harmontown and former showrunner, has been asked to return to preside over Greendale’s fifth season. The news first leaked over Memorial Day weekend during a taping of Harmontown, but Harmon himself confirmed it today on Twitter:

Harmon also tweeted out a list of dealbreakers:



I’d very much like it if they were involved too. Harmon’s return should come as a relief to many fans of the series, especially after the less-than-favorable critical reactions to the David Guarascio and Moses Port-helmed fourth season, which struggled to find itself tonally at times.

According to Deadline, writer/producer Chris McKenna (who wrote the Emmy-nominated “Remedial Chaos Theory” episode) has also been asked to return. While there is no official word yet from NBC Universal or Sony on Harmon and McKenna’s contracts, it looks like Greendale will be welcoming two of its favorite Human Beings back into the fold.

So go ahead, invite some friends over, order a pizza and rewatch some classic Community episodes in anticipation of season 5. What’s the worst that could happen?

darkest-timelineWhat do you think of Dan Harmon returning to Community? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter]

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