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Your Instant Reactions To “Arrested Development” Redux

by on May 27, 2013

arresteddevouttakelogo042513Okay, some of you have now had the chance to see all or most of the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. I haven’t even started, but the mixed reviews are making me worry. So maybe you guys should step in — have you seen ‘em? What do you think? Is it as uneven as some critics said, or do the episodes hold together as one big, pardon the expression, unit? Is is as funny as the Fox seasons, is it better or worse, are the characters holding true to their previous incarnations, does it make you look forward to more (including a movie)…. in short, are you happy with this new “season” or disappointed? Was this worth the wait, or did they (wait for it…. okay, now) make a huge mistake? I’m hoping for the former, but I’m interested in knowing what those of you who took the plunge and watched ‘em all thought.

Post your reviews right here. We can work through this together, like a family. A large, dysfunctional, scheming family with a stair car and model home. Oh, and careful with the spoilers, please. (Label ‘em!)