Watch “Set List” for YouTube Comedy Week

Beginning Sunday, May 19th, YouTube will be holding a seven-day comedy extravaganza, YouTube Comedy Week, featuring some of the best and brightest of internet funny-making. The Nerdist Channel is among the participants, and will be supplying premiere episodes of Set List. It’s “comedy without a net”: In each episode, comedians will be given topics via a screen behind them and will have to riff on said topic. No prep, no jokes written, just stand-ups being funny. It’s dangerous comediating.

On Monday, May 20th, you can see TJ Miller, Bob Odenkirk, and Glenn Wool, on Thursday, May 23rd, it’s Rory Scovel, and on Friday, May 24th, it’s Drew Carey and Mark Wahlberg… Well, it’s Dan Van Kirk AS Mark Wahlberg, which is just as cool (and funny). This all culminates in a LIVE broadcast of Set List on YouTube 5-6p PT on Friday, May 24th. Make sure you log on to enjoy some unedited, unscripted comedy from some of the best stand-ups in the biz.

We’ll also be posting Kids in the Hall sketches throughout the week and maybe a few other surprises, too. (Okay, DEFINITELY some surprises.) For more information, head over to and be sure to subscribe to The Nerdist Channel for all-the-time goodness and for immediate notification of everything (which you will definitely want this week).

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