Square Enix Gives DC Comics Heroes a PLAY ARTS Kai Makeover

When they’re not making RPGs with gravity defying hair or giving Eidos a platform to push out gems like Tomb Raider, video game megalith Square Enix also puts out an impressive array of figures, statues and collectible goods through their PLAY ARTS Kai line. Joining the vaunted ranks of Cowboy Bebop‘s Vicious and Man of Steel‘s General Zod (kneel before him; sorority letter not included) is an awesome collection of classic DC Comics character variants. In a gallery posted to Facebook, Square Enix’s general manager of the PLAY ARTS Kai figure brand revealed the reimagined DC Comics character figures and some impressive artwork, which will evidently appear on the packaging. Take a gander at their take on Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern below, then start counting down the days to their projected August release date, when you can snag them for $79.99 each.


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