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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Seattle International Film Festival Preview

If you’re in the Seattle area, or want to make a pilgrimage there, from May 16th to June 9th but don’t really know why or what you’d do there, then… more

The Mutant Season #80: Dave Kloc

Artist Dave Kloc comes on the show to talk about how he became an artist, what inspires him, and how he started making the posters for the Meltdown Comedy Show!… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Happy Birthday, George Lucas!

[youtube] Today is George Lucas’ birthday. It’s pretty safe to say that if any one person… more

“Downton Abbey” Season 4 Due In U.S. January 5th

Well, now, what do we have here? We have a U.S. premiere date for Season 4 of Downton Abbey, and if Season 3 didn’t turn you off, you’ll want… more

The Shelf: “Cloud Atlas,” “Doctor Who: The Visitation,” “Frankie Go Boom”

This week, The Shelf has a film spanning hundreds of years and three directors, the Doctor’s visit gets revisited, and a one-night stand goes incredibly badly. Cloud Atlas [youtube http://… more

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #61: Apocalypse Cow

Cash and TJ talk about ninja prodigies, werewolf remedies, symbolic roses, adopted highways, snobby chopsticks, brittle people, badger sitting, elbow butter, secret operations, and snipple whips, and ask the question, “… more

Win the “Fraggle Rock” 30th Anniversary Collection on DVD!

[youtube] It seems almost unthinkable that Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, his landmark children’s program about several different species living… more

The K Ohle #3: Get Lost with Nick Thorburn

Kurt blindfolds musician Nick Thorburn (Unicorns, Islands) and drives him to a combo graveyard/art museum. They talk about music, fanboys, and death, and end up pissing in a cemetery… more

EXCLUSIVE: Gobo Fraggle Talks With Jerry Juhl

The 30th Anniversary collection of Fraggle Rock is on sale starting Tuesday (May 14th), and the Nerdist Channel has an exclusive clip from the DVD set’s special features, a rarity… more

Answers to Pop Songs’ Rhetorical Questions

[youtube] For some unexplainable reason, pop songs like to ask questions and then never answer them. I have no… more

Four Iconic TV Writers Rooms, Reassembled, Plus A Talk With Damon Lindelof

Okay, this is cool: Our friends at The Hollywood Reporter managed to reassemble four iconic television writers’ rooms to talk about what it was like to make television history. Buffy… more

Next On “The Nerdist”: Joe Manganiello, Morena Baccarin, Paul F. Tompkins

Next time on BBC America’s The Nerdist? True Blood and Magic Mike’s Joe Manganiello. Homeland and Firefly’s Morena Baccarin. The Pod F. Tompkast and Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Paul F. Tompkins…. more

Indiana Jones Meets The Mummy via Luc Besson

[youtube] What’s this? You didn’t know the movie The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec existed? Well, neither… more

Weird Old Sci-Fi: “Galaxy of Terror”

[youtube] It really is staggering just how many Alien rip-offs there were in the early 80s. It’s possible… more

Thrilling Adventure Hour #117: Tales of the United Solar Systems Alliance, “New Frontiers”

Starring James Urbaniak as Professor-Captain Gene Peeples. Also starring Keegan-Michael Key as Superintendent Hammler; Craig Cackowski as a Lizardman; Alessandra Torresani as Joyce; and Molly Quinn as Pemily Stallwark. Recorded… more

See Chris Hardwick’s Live Stand-Up in Utah 6/6-8

Hey, Utahns! You in Utah? Of course you are. You’re Utahns. Well, you Utahns (I’ll stop now) should make plans to be at Wiseguys in West Valley City, right there… more

Nerdist Podcast: Steven Yeun

The awesome Steven Yeun hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about his early days in the Chicago comedy scene, forming the character of Glen on The Walking Dead,… more

Design Your Own “Pacific Rim” Jaeger

Have you ever wanted to design your own giant robot that would join in the fight against enormous kaiju monsters from another dimension? Of course you have; you’re a rational… more

EXCLUSIVE: New Motion Poster For “Now You See Me”

We saw the first four minutes and first motion poster for the new magic/heist movie Now You See Me last week. Today, new motion posters for the characters have… more

The Indoor Kids #96: Vanity Gaming with Anders Holm!

Kumail and Emily welcome Ders from Workaholics to talk about games that celebrities have “starred” in through the years, Workaholics, douchiness, and Infinity news. We also play an epic Twitter… more

From “The Nerdist”: John Barrowman at Meltdown

John Barrowman gets a tour of Matt Mira’s favorite L.A. comic shop, Meltdown Comics, in this clip from next Saturday’s episode of The Nerdist on BBC America. Also on… more

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Azzarello Previews “Wonder Woman” #20

While many of the accolades of DC’s New 52 revamp deservedly go to stellar titles like Scott Snyder’s Batman or Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man, there is another book that is… more

An “Arrested Development” Promo, In Case You Weren’t Excited Enough

The Bluths are back, and Netflix has a full promo video for them, touting the May 26th return of America’s favorite seriously dysfunctional and sometimes criminal family with a stair… more