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How Superman Shaves? Ask Bill Nye, Kevin Smith, Mayim Bialik, and Mythbusters

by on May 28, 2013

manofsteellogo61413How does Superman shave? I mean… you know… there HAS to be an explanation of how he manages to get rid of the facial, um, stronger-than-hair. Kryptonite razor? Naw, that’s not right. Anyway, Gillette asked some famous foiks to come up with the answer in an entertaining ad campaign tied into Man of Steel, and Bill Nye the Science Guy is one of the theorists. And he came up with a theory. Not a blade, he says. Okay, fine, and you can vote for Bill’s explanation at the Gillette YouTube channel.

Or you can go with Kevin Smith’s theory:

I’m not even sure what he’s proposing, but it might be right. Then there’s Mythbusters Adam and Jamie and their idea:

I’d have thought they’d try that out on their OWN beards, but no. Not sure even they could arrange that.

Mayim Bialik, who, as you know, is a real-life neuroscientist as well as playing one on TV, comes up with her theory, which also explains why, in her estimation, Superman smells good:

Isn’t that, you know, Nair?

Anyway, you can vote at the Gillette YouTube channel, and I don’t know what that’ll mean — maybe they’ll write it into the sequel — but maybe you have your own theories, which you can post below. Personally, I’ll vote for whichever theory causes a case of Fusion ProGlide blades to magically appear at my doorstep. My vote can be bought.