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Cosplay Friday #28

CosFri#28 Fionna

by on May 17, 2013


“Casual Fridays” are fun and all, if you like piano key neckties and ironic tee-shirts (and who doesn’t?). We however, prefer our week to end with a little more oomph; and does this edition of Cosplay Friday deliver that and more!

We’ve scanned the interwebs for the best, funniest, strangest and otherwise must-see cosplay photos, so get ready to take back your Friday! And we’re sorry about that piano key necktie dig… sort of.

CosFri28 TifaWhile most people have a soft spot for Aerith,’s PrincessRiN0a helps prove why our FFVII hearts belong to Tifa.

CosFri#28 FionnaFionna cosplayer CourtoonXIII asks “What time is it?”. “Massive crush having time”, the world answers.

CosFri28 Cammy

Luckily this photo is around to remind us that, A. We dig Cammy. B. She’s got strange green markings on her legs.


OriginalRikku gets her Lollypop Chainsaw on. The gentlemen in the background get their “Wait, what?” on.

COSFRI28 Avengers

We give this cosplay group an A for effort, but… where is the dude version of Black Widow?


There is something magical about sugarpoultry‘s Link cosplay. We don’t know what it is yet, but we’re going to keep staring at it until we do.


Check out those Cherry Blossoms! And, we guess the costume isn’t half bad either.


We honestly hope this group isn’t cosplaying, and just naturally wonderful. Especially the squid.


“You must all bow down before weird fox samurai/monk guy, or I will confound you with my randomness!”


She may be cosplaying as a character called Paine, but this model is giving us only pleasure. (Easy and gross, but we had to)


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