Sifl and Olly Sing “Omega” (UPDATE: And “Oh Yeah,” Too!)

You heard the stirring ballad “Omega” by Sifl and Olly in the “Calls from Gamers” episode of Sifl and Olly Video Game Reviews on the Nerdist Channel, and you wondered, hey, where can I get that song for my very own?

Never say we don’t do anything for you. Here, provided by the most generous Liam Lynch himself, is the full version of “Omega”:

You can download it for posterity by clicking that link in the player. A lot of requests for that came in, so there you go.

Here’s the original episode again, in case you missed it:

UPDATE: BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: The soundtrack to the video game “Oh Yeah” from Episode 2. ALL KINDS OF FUNKY:

Oh, yeah.

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