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Pickstarter: Help Zach Braff Make His Next Movie

by on April 24, 2013

After the success of the Kickstarter project for the Veronica Mars movie, there was a lot of talk about whether this was a model for moviemaking of the future as well as speculation as to which would be the next movie project to take a shot at crowdfunding. Lo and behold, Friend of Nerdist Zach Braff is using Kickstarter to get his next movie off the ground, and he’s more than a quarter of his way to his goal with a month to go.

The details? Glad you asked:

zachbraffkickstarter2013Zach says he was about to do traditional financing for his Garden State follow-up Wish I Was Here, but the Veronica Mars thing made him think he could do it the crowdfunding way and retain more of his artistic control. So, he’s asking for fans to contribute $2 million in total to the making of the movie, which is about a father in financial straits who ends up homeschooling his kids. Now, the question that might come to mind here is, of course, “hey, he’s a Hollywood celebrity, he must be rich, why should I give HIM money?” Fair enough, but the answer is that it’s hardly like he, or most other working actors, can just pull out the ol’ checkbook and finance a whole movie, low-budget or otherwise, himself, not even with a few friends. Yes, there’s the very, very rare example of an El Mariachi that sneaks through into theaters on a tiny budget, but it takes millions to make a movie like this one with production values and licensed music — you know Zach takes the soundtrack VERY seriously, or did you miss the part in Garden State about the Shins changing your life? — and distribution and top professionals handling cinematography and design. And, this way, not only can he afford to make the movie his way, but he’ll retain final cut, casting decisions, locations, and fantasy sequences — Zach’s character fantasizes about being a superhero. Plus, you DO get stuff for your contribution.

wishiwasherescriptSo, if you want to help Zach out, click here for more information and to participate. There are the requisite cool premiums, including live screenings and a unique online worldwide donors-only pre-screening with live Q&A, but if you aren’t willing to go into three or four figures with your donation, the forty buck pack — a t-shirt, the online screening, a preview stream of the soundtrack with weekly playlists, a production diary, and the script — might be the sweet spot. Hey, if you have ten grand to kick in, you can get a speaking role. Go read Zach’s Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter runs through May 24th at 3 pm ET.