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Jonah Raydio: Hitler Bad, Episode Good

On Jonah Raydio this week we have America’s Matt Berry, Dave Hill!  Dave teaches us that you can’t stop rocking, but you can rock a little less sometimes.  Also hanging out with us was Neil’s friend Josh Slater.  Check out Dave’s own podcast, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, and also his book, Tasteful Nudes.  Follow all of us on Twitter, @JonahRaydio, @JonahRay, @MrDaveHill, @CashHartz, @Nails13, and @admrigs.  Sponsored by Blue Collar Distro, and now also sponsored by The Hundreds.

Art work by Dana Lechtenberg

Featured Songs

La PoprescaLas Cruces de Tijuana

Valley Lodge “All of My Loving”

The Good Graces “Not Keeping Score”

Gorilla Bisquits “Good Intentions”

Quicksand “Head to Wall”

Diamond Snake “Storm the Fucking Kastle”