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Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie Debuts

by on April 17, 2013

isteve1You’ve heard about Funny or Die’s creation of a close-to-feature-length Steve Jobs movie, iSteve, with Justin Long as the man himself (hey, he really WAS a Mac) and Jorge Garcia as Woz. You thought, hey, funny idea, but they’re not really gonna make a whole movie (with writer/director Ryan Perez professing to using only the Steve Jobs page on Wikipedia as a source) to beat the Ashton Kutcher thing (and the Aaron Sorkin one based on Walter Isaacson’s book) to market, are they? Guess what? They did. The movie debuted online today, delayed from Monday due to the Boston Marathon bombing. All 78 minutes and 55 seconds of it are available at Click here for it (they’re not allowing embedding).


Whaddya think? Funny and entertaining, or not? (Or one might ask: funny or die?) Comment, and remember, they intended this not to be the best, but the first. And first they are.