5 Lesser-Known Bands Worth Seeing at Coachella

coachella 2012 photo

There are always those tiny little bands on music festival posters, the ones you don’t even want to waste your time checking out because you’re gearing up for Kanye (who will inevitably be 4 hours late) or Radiohead, who would be cool in any crowd smaller than 70,000. I’m here to urge folks to take a closer look at some of the bands placed in the fine print at Coachella this year, for I have found a few gems.

The Shouting Matches


Oh, boy my musical husband Justin Vernon is back at it again with his new folksy band, The Shouting Matches. The album, Grownass Man, is looser and lighter than anything else produced by Justin Vernon. The album is more about hanging out and paling around, than a miserable breakup, which is refreshing. The bluesy electric guitar mixed with Vernon’s deep voice reminds us of an early Tom Petty. It’s definitely worth checking out.  You can listen to the whole album here.

Jake Bugg


You may remember my Jake Bugg love rant earlier this year, so naturally, I couldn’t ignore him. This young british blue grass star is back in the states!  I wont crush too hard, but I will tell you to check the Bugg out once more.



More Bon Iver sister bands! Polica, like Gayngs and The Shouting Matches, include members of my favorite musical gaggle, Bon Iver. Mike Noyce, for example. Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olsen founded this twisted, indie R&B group which debuted last year. They’re trippy, chill, and never disappoint.

Aesop Rock


Okay, not necessarily “lesser-known” but I needed to throw at least one rapper in the mix, and he’s my jam. A better sounding Atmosphere, in my opinion. But If anything convinced me to love Aesop, was his music video for the single None Shall Pass, the weird, dark animated piece where everyone is dressed in animal costumes. It’s creepy but in the best way.



You’ll dig them. Period. Do they sound familiar? Maybe because the lead singer’s sister helms one of our favorite bands, Cults. What I would do to get a hold of some of those genes. Guards is a super eclectic, classically indie pop band; a tantalizing up-and-comer at this year’s Coachella. Their 7 Song EP, In Guards We Trust came out in February and, in my opinion, not enough nerds know about them.

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