“The Walking Dead Homeland” Redefines Terrorism

Well, The Walking Dead Homeland doesn’t necessarily redefine terrorism so much as it throws the cast of Homeland and The Walking Dead into a blender and serves up a tall, frothy sketch comedy smoothie. With spot-on impressions of everyone from Saul Berenson to a particularly sassy Hershel Greene, the Barely Political team poses the burning question of, “What if The Walking Dead and Homeland took place in the same universe?” The answer: it would be pretty magnificent. They even programmed in a Talking Walking Dead Homeland segment with our very own Chris Hardwick, who really gets into the nitty-gritty of the episode, er, sketch, asking the tough questions that lesser mid-sketch talkback show hosts wouldn’t dare to. Now that I think about it, Rick and Carrie are both crazy enough that they would make the greatest power couple of the zombie apocalypse. Honestly, this might be the best Homeland-related thing since that montage of Chris Brody being told to leave the room set to super sad music.

I’ll leave you with this: #WheresCarl.

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