Sheriff Woody Meets “Grand Theft Auto IV”

I guess the amount you love this Grand Theft Auto IV Toy Story mod depends on how sacrosanct you consider Toy Story. Or GTA, for that matter. As fond as I am of both, the idea of Woody laying waste to Liberty City, guns blazing and the sound of screaming and guttural noises reverberating, aided by several Buzz Lightyears, is pretty great. And Woody ends things with a bang… or, more precisely, splat.

The same folks previously gave you similar mods with Iron Man:

Sonic the Hedgehog:

An oddly hunchbacked Spider-Man:

Not as successfully, a strangely unstuffed Ted:

Mater from Cars, for all you Larry the Cable Guy fans:

And Angry Birds:

Among others.

HT: Charlene Jimenez

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