Pop My Culture #108: David Wain

David Wain (The State, Stella) chows down with Cole and Vanessa and talks about Dancing With the Stars, Justin Bieber’s worst birthday ever, Audrey Hepburn’s posthumous work, pseudo-Wings songs, Wanderlust, Wainy Days, Smash, LARPing, SEX aka Wieners and Boobs, The Pink Panther, Newsreaders, My Strange Addiction, the four thumbs rating system, movie title changes, making love to a spider web and the lasting legacy of Wet Hot American Summer.

Leave your answer to the Firsts question (What was the first podcast you ever listened to, and what did you initially think) on our website for a chance to win The State complete series DVD signed by David!

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  • PLEASE DO NOT EAT ON THE PODCAST! You seriously couldn’t wait 15 extra minutes for someone to eat a burrito? That sound is endlessly disgusting and is the only thing I can focus on while it’s happening. Extremely irritating. C’mon guys, that’s like Podcasting 101.

  • @Kaps the Haps, I just want you to imagine what sound goes down your spine and makes you want to punch someone. Nails on a chalkboard? A loud, wet belch? Maybe the sound of a mosquito in your ear? Everybody has certain sounds that just hit their nerves like a power drill. For many of us, the sound of chewing in our ears is that sound (especially when wearing earbuds). It’s not a matter of being too sensitive, it’s just that this particular sound is disgusting to us. Congratulations on being one of the few whom it doesn’t bother. Go get yourself a trophy and pat yourself on the back. These guys are professional podcasters, they really should have known better.

  • Gang, sorry about the chewing noises. We usually record in the morning and this was done at night. Wain hadn’t eaten, and he wanted to get started right away, so we made due. It’s like the first 15 mins or so, then he’s done. Honestly, out of 108 episodes, its the first time this has happened. We’ve learned from it and we’ll do our best to avoid that going forward.

  • first podcast I’d ever listened to was Totally Laime and it was Artemis Pebdani’s first appearance. You should have her on as she is just wonderful. I love this podcast too, Cole with your sweet Elvis Costello impressions and Vanessa with your insanely creative wizard questions. You both make me very happy.