Pop My Culture #107: Erinn Hayes

Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital, Worst Week) joins Cole and Vanessa to chat about the Oscars, Anne Hathaway hatred, Seth MacFarlane, musical numbers, The Killing, Downton Abbey‘s shrinking cast, O’Brien’s poo face, Girls, Instagram, Bradley Cooper’s eyes, boobs boobs boobs, otters, squirrel tails, Smash, Parenthood, “I’m 34,” and Erin’s fan moment with George R.R. Martin.


Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first autograph you ever asked for, and if you got it) on our website for a chance to win a Childrens Hospital Season 1 DVD signed by Erinn and additional cast members Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Lake Bell and Rob Corddry!

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  • @Gene, You glossed over THAT?! How does someone gloss over that?!
    You know what, rather than follow your lead and rush to put on my judgement cap, I’ll just assume that you were thrown off by the incredible poise and good humor with which Vanessa was able to present herself while sharing a very emotional and vulnerable subject with her audience. It’s a credit to her as a person, and as a professional, and I hope that she has all of the support and understanding that she deserves. Not a lot of people can be funny at the best of times, much less when faced with a loss of this magnitude, and for that she deserves a lot of respect.

  • I had to look up the video of the press junket with Erinn and Ken and the clueless interviewer and *viola*… success:

    If you’re just interested in the question referred to in the podcast and their kneejerk reactions, queue it up to 2:15.

    Um, I’m curious where they are shooting now? I listened to the Nerdist podcast with Zach Braff and I was under the impression, from what he said in the podcast, that the hospital they shot Scrubs in (which is the same hospital they shoot Children’s Hospital in) was tore down. Did it really get torn down, or was Zach misinformed? Or am I just making that up in my head?