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Music Geek Track Of The Week: Tyler, The Creator – “IFHY”

by on March 29, 2013


Tyler, the Creator is back, and he’s dressed like a doll…a very serial murder-y looking doll! “IFHY” features Tyler exuding big emotions on miniature scale, as he marches around a modest dollhouse after his beleaguered girlfriend. Note: If you are thinking that watching plastic dolls get through a rough spot in their relationship will be cute, you thought wrong, because it’s fucking creepy (see 0:50 for nightmare fodder).

The beat has a jazzy, animatronic lurch, complementing the stilted movements that Tyler’s plastic joints permit and Pharrell’s vocals ultimately break over the song like a much needed raincloud. However, that tension release is short-lived, as the track dovetails into “Jamba,” and we see Tyler and Hodgy Beats driving like hoodlums.

If (somehow) you can’t get enough of Tyler’s antics, you are in luck, because he is streaming his new album Wolf a week early. Check it out here.

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