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Jonah Raydio: Self Titled Episode

After going to some place not in America, Jonah is back to berate Neil Mahoney for badly timed sound drops. This week’s guest is former guest Ed Salazar, but only because Jonah couldn’t find any one else to come. We talked about Beyonce allegedly faking her pregnancy and other stuff! Songs featured this week from Nels, Night O Saur, Sergio Still and The Moving Pictures, Frontiers, and You Blew It!. And as always, sponsored by Blue Collar Distro.

Artist: Nels
Song: Do You

Artist: Night O Saur
Song: Hatchback

Artist: Sergio Still and the Moving Pictures
Song: Autumn

Artist: Frontiers
Song: The Talk

Artist: You Blew It!
Song: Pinball House