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World War Z Super Bowl Spot Teaser

by on February 1, 2013

It’s clear from the early teaser trailer that World War Z is going to be very different from Max Brooks’ book. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, except when you consider that it was the book’s unique approach to the material that really made it stand out. Instead of a cross-section of eyewitness accounts of the zombie apocalypse and its aftermath, it appears the film will focus solely on Brad Pitt and his efforts to stop the zed-word plague. But who’s to say the upcoming film isn’t going to be good in its own right?

Based on this trailer that will air during Sunday’s athletic festivities, could this be the big budget action-zombie movie we’ve been wanting? I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I can say I want to see it before I make up my mind. The movie has a lot in its corner, Brad Pitt for starters. World War Z opens June 20th, World War Nerd starts in the debates after the first midnight show.