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The Nominees for Best Animated Short Film of 2013 Are…

We’ve already seen the Oscar-nominated animated short Paperman, but what about the other Academy Awards nominees for that category? Here, please find the entirety of nominee Adam and Dog, a traditionally-animated short film by Minkyu Lee with some stunning visuals that adds, yes, a dog to the Biblical creation tale.


And here’s another nominee, the stop-motion Fresh Guacamole by PES, which features some unusual ingredients. Try the chips….


The fourth nominee is Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly’s Head Over Heels, a stop-motion story about a couple who have developed some distance between them, vertically:


And, finally, there’s The Longest Daycare, the Simpsons short, directed by David Silverman. I can only give you the trailer, because the actual short hasn’t officially been posted for embedding, but you might be able to find it someplace:


Oh, okay, Paperman again:


So, there, you’ve seen them all. That should make your Oscar pool picks easier by one, right?

HT: iFlicks, The Mary Sue

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