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Nerdist News: Possible STAR TREK 3 Director, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Trailer, and Wooly Mammoths!


Russian Meteor Video: Here’s A Good One

You know by now about the meteor hitting Russia, and the damage and injuries therefrom. There are several videos out there of what it was like when the meteor came… more

Nerdist Podcast: Shadi Petosky

The guys welcome their good friend Shadi Petosky, who runs the FANTASTIC animation house Puny Entertainment and also happens to be going through gender reassignment…. more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Report: Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good life insurance policy at your side. That’s why I chose Coruscant Colonial Life Insurance.” - Han Solo, Star Wars:… more

Disaster Safety the Black Dynamite Way

What should you do when a disaster strikes, like, say, an earthquake? Everybody’s favorite action hero Black Dynamite has the answer in today’s dip into the archives of lost archival… more

You Made It Weird #126: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Toy’s House, TV’s Mash Up) makes it weird! Follow @vogtroberts on Twitter! Follow @peteholmez on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook. Buy YMIW shirts and Pete’s… more

Comic Book Club: Brett White

In the first part of our epic crossover with Matt and Brett Love Comics, Brett White stops by to talk about… comics! To check out the second part, head over… more

The Legacy Music Hour #120: Slow Jams

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Legacy Music Hour presents a whole episode dedicated to Slow Jams.  Brent and Rob and joined by guest video game/romance expert Keith… more

Nerdswag: Fly Off With “Top Gun 3D”

This morning Nerdist News flew remarkably close to what Sterling Archer would refer to as “The Danger Zone!” An error on our mail server caused an accidental mailing of two… more

Come Son of McClane… A Good Day to Jai Hard

From a well-received turn in Jack Reacher to a memorable run on Spartacus, Jai Courtney has been steadily garnering more and more attention for his nuanced, tough guy roles. Today,… more

Jonah Raydio #17: Episode to Write Home About…

This week got so weird, you’ll be screaming “WTF” as Marc Maron joins the boys in a garage not of his own. While the Grammys were happening, there was… more

Chris Hardwick on Thursday’s “What’s Trending”

Chris Hardwick appeared today (Thursday, 2/14) on our pal Shira Lazar’s What’s Trending, and the live stream is now over, but we have the replay here for your viewing… more

Mission Log #28 – Episode 028 – The City on the Edge of Forever

Kirk faces an ethical and moral dilemma: Let the woman he loves die? Or let the Nazis win World War II? It’s a hard knock life in “The City on… more

“Dork Fork” and Die Hard with Hannah Hart

What better way to celebrate the opening of another Die Hard movie than to cook up some appropriate edibles? The Nerdist Channel’s Dork Fork returns with a menu fit for… more

Nerdist News Meets the People of “Burning Love”

As promised in Dan’s article this morning, the Nerdist Channel has video of Dan’s interviews with the people behind the epic reality show parody web series Burning Love. Ken Marino,… more

“Burning Love”: A Visit to the Mansion and Behind-the-Scenes Interviews

Normally, our fearless leader Chris Hardwick keeps me chained to my laptop like pop culture-obsessed veal, but a few months ago he let me out of my Pulp Fiction-esque gimpquarters… more

The JV Club #49: Live at SF Sketchfest with Tig Notaro

In this second-ever live episode of The JV Club, first-ever returning guest Tig Notaro sits onstage with Janet at SF Sketchfest in San Francisco to discuss the events of her… more

A Live-Action One-Minute “Wreck-It Ralph”

This video is an entry to Virgin Radio 95.3 Vancouver’s “2013 Fake Film Festival” contest, and it’s a one-minute live-action Wreck-It Ralph. Kial Natale directed it, and it is… more

Pickstarter Plus: Jon Schnepp on the “Death of Superman Lives”

Recently on Pickstarter, we recommended Jon Schnepp’s The Death of Superman Lives. The documentary plans to detail the fall of one of the most outrageous films of all time, Tim… more

Pop My Culture #106: Rachel Dratch (Live from SF Sketchfest)

Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live) joins Cole and Vanessa live from the 12th Annual SF Sketchfest to chat about NKOTB, Go Daddy, Beyonce’s Super Bowl hijinks, Elijah Wood, Astral Massagers,… more

Key & Peele Are Excited for “Die Hard 5″

We all know that the valet characters played by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele love Bruce Willies as much as Liam Neesons, but in this video we find out… more

Comic Book Club: New Paradigm Studios

Karl Bollers and Brandon Perlow from New Paradigm Studios come to chat about their title Watson and Holmes, and more! Check out our website at to find out… more

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 2/13

Of course you need a break from more discussion of Rihanna and The Grammys and things about the State of the Union that have nothing to do with politics and… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #79: Looking for Love

SINGLES MIXERS, ONLINE DATING, & FIRE PLAY! Nerdist’s Monica Moon and game developer Ivan Van Norman join Sandra and Dave on stage live at NerdMelt for a round of “Wow,… more