Fangirls Assemble For Her Universe’s “Year Of The Fangirl”

Fangirl_BGOur friend Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe are doing something to honor the female contingent of the nerd world, and we thought you might like to know what they’re up to. So, here you go: It’s Her Universe’s “Year of the Fangirl” campaign, with the website spotlighting a different “geek girl” every day.

The video above has some of the details, but, in short, the honorees will be selected from submissions by fans and a team of five contributors looking for individuals with interesting stories. There’s a form on the website for submissions, and you can nominate yourself or someone else (if you’re under 13, a parent or guardian has to nominate you). It’s open to all ages, and there’ll be a new honoree every day this year.

So there it is. If you’re interested, head to, and you can ask questions at A celebration of fangirls? Nice. And overdue.

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